2017 Senior Awards

The Sabres would like to recognize this years Senior Team award winners:

Most Valuable Player:  Kasten Wayken

Most Valuable Defensive Player: Jake Taylor

Sabre Heart: Tony Chabot            

Rookie of the Year:  Defense : Sheldon McNabb,  Offence: Kolby Hurford

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman:  Zach McNeil

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman:  Caleb Komant                         

Special Teams:  Tanner Shaw                        

Most Valuable Offensive Back:  Hunter Gibennus

Most Valuable Receiver:  Kyle Godina       

Most Valuable Linebacker: Kole Watson                

Most Valuable Defensive back:  Ejuwa Oyama                       

Brooks Bunting Award for Team Moral:  Coby Charron             

Most Contribution with Least Recognition:

Offence:Tommy Walters,  Defense: Blake Munn

Most Improved Player: Ian McCullough