Online Registration

2017 Registration Information



*Need help with football registration? Come to Salisbury during our 2nd Team night on Monday, April 10th from 5:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. Our parents group will be on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have. Computers will be available.


This year Salisbury Football registration will be done online through this link:


If you registered last year use the same log in and password.

For new registrations, create your log in (generally your email) and a password.  As parent(s), you create the member account and add your child(ren) under your profile.


-Click On Profile tab on the left side near the middle of the page

-Click on Add Contact below that

-Enter your child’s information and Click on Save


Once you are logged in and have added your child, click on Registrations and then on New Registration to register your child for the Salisbury football team.


-Choose Salisbury Football Registration


-You can select to pay the regular registration fee ($560) or a higher fee if you don’t plan to volunteer this year ($700 total registration).


-Click on Next


-If you choose the Regular Fee, you will also add your purchase of the raffle ticket book and six (6) pub night tickets under Additional Items. You must purchase a booklet of raffle tickets and at least 6 Pub Night tickets.


-Click on Next


-Fill in the Health Information and Click Next


-Review the required forms, click the I Agree box and then Next


-Click on the orange Volunteer button to see the options and sign up.  Note:  You must sign up for enough Positions or Events to total at least 100 points per family.  There are some Positions to be filled that last for a longer period of time (and are worth more points) or sign up for a few events, so that your family has 100 points. There are different events to choose from in May, June, August, Sept and Oct. Click through the options to see what positions or events are still available to sign up for.


– Note: You must also help with the 2 driving bottle drives (these dates are tentative but volunteering is mandatory for each family).


-Fill in the required information and click on Next


-Click on the orange “Add another Registration” to sign up for Spring Camp. Please do this (if you plan to attend) before checking out.


If you are registering more than one child, please add them now too.


-Select payment method. The club will accept cash, Interact/Debit, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as payment. You can pay online or in person.


-Click on Next


-View Refund policy (orange button on bottom right), and then click on Next.


-Click on Finish


-Go to and print off the required forms. These must be signed and brought in during registration/equipment pick up dates. All paperwork must be completed before equipment is distributed. Please remember to bring a cheque for equipment deposit (this will not be cashed unless equipment isn’t returned at the end of the season), as well as payment for any additional items you may need (like a girdle).


Dates for in person payment, form collection and equipment distribution will be posted on the website.



If you encounter any problems, please email Carla Snaterse (Registrar) at