Red & Black Booster Club

2023 Executive Team

President: Brad Kendel

Past-President: Erin Di Loreto

Vice-President: Nicole Hartmann

Treasurer: Amy East

Secretary: Kristine Trinh

Registrar: Lisa Rosebrugh

Fundraising Director: Lisa McFaull

Volunteer Coordinator: Shanna Nye-Green

Director at Large: Jenn Weldon

Photography:  Connie Nichol

Senior Head Coach: Cam Fraser

Junior Head Coach: Adam Cooper

The Red & Black Booster Club is a Not-for Profit made up of the SAL Football Executive. The Booster Club is responsible for assisting the program in its financial and football operations including but not limited to fundraising events, team meals, team functions, transportation, etc. These dedicated individuals help create a welcoming environment for the student-athletes coming into SAL.